Who are we? We are a new gaze on reality. We don’t pretend to be a competitive publishing company. We want to be that drop of water in the ocean which can make a difference.

Ed. Chora was founded in February 2018 thanks to an international group of friends who share a great enthusiasm for beauty and listen to the world attentively.


Our watchwords are style, truth, and simplicity. Our publishing company does not want to focus on a restricted context. We are open to all those who strive to create a culture centered on ethical beauty.


Ed. Chora’s goal is nourishing its readers with pages that don't simply invite one to read just for the sake of reading, but rather pages that nourish those who read. Our eyes are full of life, and with the publishing of our books we want to enrich our readers.


Our ethics are based on the desire to give voice to all those who, after years of intellectual research, would like to share their work with others. The high cultural level of our authors allows us to publish in several fields: literary, artistic, philosophical, and cultural.