Adrienne von Speyr, médecin et mystique

ISBN 978-8894348606

173 pagine

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Adrienne von Speyr, médecin et mystique

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  • “Adrienne von Speyr had a predilection for ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’, and saw him as the last and deepest interpreter of the mystery of Jesus, of the Father's love for the world, of the role of the Holy Spirit as the one who perfectly introduces into the full light of the revelation of the Father and the Son. Adrienne also penetrated very deeply into the deep communion of faith and heart between the Mother of Jesus and the only Apostle who remained with her at the foot of the Cross. There, she saw the virgin origin of the Church, of this Church which was to be entrusted to Peter. May this spirituality, intensely lived out by Adrienne von Speyr, help you to embody ever better your concern for evangelical and ecclesial life within the realities of the contemporary world.” (John Paul II)

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