Le défi de la paternité

ISBN 9788894348651

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Le défi de la paternité

  • Starting from reflections on the ordained priesthood, on its place within the Church and in the life of the world, the author points out the essential lines of education to the fundamental dimensions of Christian life (obedience, poverty, virginity), which fascinated him in the teaching of Don Giussani (founder of Communion and Liberation), and then moves on to approach the questions of sexuality and fatherhood.

    Mgr. Camisasca, bishop of Reggio Emilia since 2012, is the founder of the Priestly Fraternity of the Missionaries of Saint Charles Borromeo. In 2012, the Fraternity counted 120 definitively committed members and 40 seminarians. This community was born in 1985 from the charism of Communion and Liberation, a movement present in some ninety countries, on every continent.